IUB and MAU Collaborate to Award 100 Scholarships to Barranquilla Students

By Alfredo Carbonell

The Universidad de Barranquilla (IUB) has achieved an exciting milestone in its pursuit of providing exceptional educational opportunities to the young talents of Barranquilla. In an effort to further strengthen its commitment to higher education, IUB has established a new partnership with Millennia Atlantic University (MAU) in Doral, Florida. This collaboration aims to award 100 annual scholarships to Barranquilla students, opening doors to both undergraduate and graduate programs, available in both in-person and virtual formats. In this article, we will delve into the details of this exciting alliance and explore how it benefits Barranquilla students in their quest for academic excellence and personal development.


IUB and MAU Collaborate to Award 100 Scholarships to Barranquilla Students

Offering Educational Opportunities to Barranquilla:

The Mayor’s Office of Barranquilla proudly announced the agreement between IUB and MAU, an association that will enable 100 Barranquilla students to receive annual scholarships. These scholarships are designed to grant access to quality education to young individuals aspiring to pursue undergraduate and graduate programs. This effort not only showcases IUB’s dedication to education but also reflects Barranquilla’s commitment to providing exceptional opportunities for its student community.


A Beautiful Bond Between Cities:

Throughout the 8 years of twinning between Doral and Barranquilla, this alliance has proven fruitful on multiple fronts. Mayor Jaime Pumarejo highlighted the collaborative efforts that have propelled economic growth and enhanced the quality of life in Barranquilla. The mutual commitment has been reinforced through discussions, strategic meetings, and cultural events that have further enriched the relationship between the two cities.


On-Site and Virtual Studies Within Reach:

Barranquilla students aspiring to apply to IUB’s programs now have an exceptional opportunity to do so. Undergraduate and graduate programs will be available on-site and 5 of 6 graduate programs in virtual formats. This offers significant flexibility for those seeking to balance their studies with other responsibilities.


A Glimpse of the Offered Programs:

The collaboration between IUB and MAU translates into an array of exciting academic opportunities. The undergraduate programs, which typically span around 4 years in the United States, include Business Administration and Human Resources Management within the Faculty of Business. Furthermore, the Faculty of Entrepreneurship offers programs in Global Entrepreneurship and Retail and E-Business.


Steps Toward the Future:

IUB’s rector, Arcesio Castro, underscores the significance of this agreement for cooperation between the two institutions. This agreement will not only facilitate student exchanges in the fields of administration and logistics but also aims to introduce a bold endeavor: a Master’s program in collaboration with MAU in Barranquilla. This revolutionary initiative offers young individuals from Barranquilla the opportunity to access high-quality postgraduate studies.

Registrations and Opportunities:

The agreement for 100 partial scholarships per year takes effect immediately, meaning that interested students can enroll in undergraduate and graduate programs starting from August 21, 2023. The spring semester, commencing in January 2024, marks the beginning of this exciting educational journey.

A Gateway to the Future:

This alliance is not solely about education, but also about international experience. Students who receive these scholarships will have the chance to apply for a Student Visa and, upon completing their studies, they will gain access to the Optional Practice Training (OPT) program. This will provide them with a one-year work permit for optional internships in US companies.

The partnership between IUB and MAU represents an exciting chapter in Barranquilla’s educational landscape. With 100 annual scholarships available for students, this collaboration underscores the commitment of IUB and the Mayor’s Office of Barranquilla to providing transformative educational opportunities.

Barranquilla students now have the door open to undergraduate and graduate programs across a variety of disciplines, both in-person and virtually. This alliance is not just about education; it’s also about cultural connection and international opportunities for personal and professional growth.