MAU Students Testimonials
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Claudia Souza

BBA Grad 2021

”The MBA program at MAU not only expanded my horizons academically, but it helped me network and gain valuable skills. I am grateful to all my teachers for challenging me to learn new concepts as well as motivating me to give it my best. I am proud to say that what I learned in class will undeniably help me in my future”.

Rafael Viso MBA Grad 2020

I am proud to say that I will be earning two graduate degrees from MAU. I first enrolled in the Master of Human Resource Management program and loved all of my classes. The instructors were always up to date with current Management trends that helped me be more aware of the opportunities that were out there for me. Therefore, when I discovered that I could also get my MBA degree, because I had already taken many of the same classes, I jumped at the chance to do it all over again. I am pleased to say that I will be completing my MBA degree at the end of this year. The friendly staff also made me feel I was in a family environment, and to me that was extremely important since I am an International student, and everything was so new to me.

Alejandra Ramos MSHRM Grad 2018 and MBA Grad 2020

”After extensive research of MBA programs, MAU was my first choice. The two main reasons I choose MAU was: #1 their affordability especially for an international student and #2  their small classes.  I wanted to be able to have one on one discussions with my instructors and fellow classmates. I didn’t want to feel like just another number, like in some of the bigger schools. I feel like I learned a lot in my classes and from my instructors, and I would recommend MAU”.

Nicole Rosenberg MBA Grad 2020

”MAU’s Master of Arts in Human Resource Management has provided me more than an educational experience. It provided me the opportunity to discover many new skills and interests in subjects that I didn’t know I would find so interesting and valuable. The instructors are amazing and if you need help in any of your classes they are always available to assist you. The personalize attention, skills development, and networking opportunities is why I chose to get my degree at MAU”.

Fabiana Robleto MSHRM Grad 2018

”MAU had everything I wanted—great teachers, and small classes, which made learning fun and interactive. It is hard to imagine that you can have fun at school, but at MAU you have fun while learning something new every day.  I had many wonderful instructors that inspired me, and encouraged me to do better in my classes. Obtaining my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration has given me the confidence and skills for a rewarding career”.

Fabrice N'dri BBA Grad 2017