Letter from The President

A Message from MAU President Dr. Aristides Maza Duerto

Millennia Atlantic University (MAU) continues to grow from its humble beginning in 2007 from a one-floor shopping mall campus to a four-floor building with a park. We expanded from a few programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels to offering six undergraduate programs and seven graduate programs. We keep growing with plans to add some online programs and continue education.

We remain a small, boutique university that provides our student body many opportunities to engage in the Doral-Miami multiracial an ethnicity community. We thrive working on a wider variety of outside-of-university and in university activities like internships, research, volunteer activities, sport, social and cultural activities to contributes to the enrichment of our students’ learning experience. MAU faculty, staff, and administration remain focused on what most important to us, helping our students to discover their full potential. A personalized educational experience based on small class groups where instructors pay attention to each student’s necessities. We hire instructors with personal and professional experience in the subject they teach to improve our students’ learning experience and enrich their understanding of the subject from the actual working knowledge perspective.

Looking ahead, Millennia Atlantic University will remain dedicated to the success of our students and will continue to focus on expanding our course offerings.

On behalf of the Millennia Atlantic University family, thank you for your interest. We look forward to welcoming you to our family, guiding you to discover your full potential, and helping you succeed.


Aristides Maza Duerto
Campus President
Millennia Atlantic University