Off-Campus Housing Referral Program

Choosing where to live is an important decision to make during your college experience.Before choosing a residence, students need to consider needs they have for not only cost of living and rent, but also distance from campus, length of lease, roommates and safety. Although Millennia Atlantic University does not offer on-campus housing, our off-campus Housing Referral Program can provide information about alternative options.


American Homestay Network is MAU’s housing partner. AHN specializes in placing international students with carefully screened and fully trained American host families within 60 minutes of travel time by public transportation to the University.

Rental Opportunities

MAU recommends taking ample time when selecting off-campus housing. There are plenty of apartments, condos and houses for rent in Doral and Miami. Shop around for the perfect place to live and only sign a lease when you are ready.

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Having roommates can be a great way to meet new people, learn and practice effective communication skills, and save on living expenses. As in any relationship, communication is key. You can find information for roommate-seeking students in the Student Lounge or in the Student Services office.