New MAU Entrepreneurship Programs Earn Accreditation

TBB Bank School of Entrepreneurship to Launch in August

With approval from the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC), Millennia Atlantic University is launching its TBB Bank School of Entrepreneurship. This innovative new initiative offers Bachelor of Science degrees in Global Entrepreneurship and Retail and E-Business Entrepreneurship.

“The pandemic led to a big uptick in entrepreneurial activity,” noted MAU President Dr. Aristides Maza Duerto. “As people have seen their ability to make a living heavily impacted by outside forces, taking control of their own career paths has become increasingly attractive to those with an entrepreneurial spirit. We will nurture that spirit, and through our new TBB School of Entrepreneurship, Millennia Atlantic University will deliver unique opportunities for students seeking to build their own businesses.”

This is expected to be a hugely popular program, as the Peterson Institute for International Economics reported 4.4 million U.S. businesses were launched in 2020. The 24-percent increase over the previous year being the largest jump ever.

Minorities and women have been traditionally underrepresented in this sector, and Maza Duerto says the MAU School of Entrepreneurship will be a place where everyone’s dreams of business ownership will be supported.

The culmination of these new degree programs will be student presentations pitching their concepts to TBB International Bank Corporation to acquire seed money for their startups.

“We look forward to welcoming enthusiastic, forward-thinking students to these new baccalaureate programs,” Maza Duerto said. “The modern curriculum will emphasize hands-on business applications and a real-world approach. Plus, our partnership with TBB Bank provides students with an unprecedented opportunity to secure financial backing for their startups.”

The Global Entrepreneurship degree prepares students to create, launch and operate an international or import/export business. Learners in the Global Entrepreneurship program will gain knowledge related to global commerce, importing and exporting processes, foreign market entry, emerging market analysis, international business operations, driving sales and traction, global sourcing, funding, and more.

The Retail & E-Business Entrepreneurship degree prepares students to create, launch and operate retail and e-commerce businesses. Learners will be exposed to MAU’s innovative retail and e-business entrepreneurship curriculum which will enable them to gain in-depth knowledge about the development, management, and operations of ecommerce, retail, and retail-related companies.

“The addition of these degree programs represents a significant educational commitment by this university,” said Maza Duerto. “We believe the new TBB Bank School of Entrepreneurship will provide life-changing opportunities for students. We appreciate the faith the accrediting agency has placed in our plans for this major initiative at our university.”

To accommodate the new school, TBB International Bank is providing funding for a 4,400 square foot expansion to the MAU campus footprint for additional classrooms, a conference room, office space, and restrooms.

“These new degrees will have a significant impact on the lives of the students who complete them,” said Fortunato Benacerraf, president of TBB International Bank Corp. “We are pleased to be a part of it and are looking forward to seeing what the students accomplish in such a creative, supportive environment.”

In addition to the support of TBB Banks, Maza Duerto noted the contributions of the university’s Program Advisory Committee, which included author and business mentor Dr. Charlene Waters, academic consultant Dr. Gary Markowitz, and Manuel Pila, Economic Director for the City of Doral.

“The input of the committee members was instrumental in building this program and gaining the accreditation that will allow us to serve students through our innovative approach to business education,” noted Maza Duerto.

The programs will launch during the fall semester, which begins August 22. Registration is currently open. For more information on Millennia Atlantic University and the TBB Bank School of Entrepreneurship, visit


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