Doral International Art Fair (DIAF) 2023

By Millennia Atlantic University


Doral International Art Fair (DIAF) 2023

The Doral International Art Fair (DIAF) 2023, held at the Doral Cultural Arts Center from November 3 to 5, has been a milestone event in celebrating the 20th anniversary of the city of Doral. With the participation of Millennia Atlantic University as one of the key sponsors, the fair achieved resounding success, bringing together people of all ages and becoming a meeting point for the artistic and cultural community.


Detailed Summary of DIAF 2023

The DIAF 2023 brochure offers a comprehensive view of the fair, highlighting its importance as an event that not only celebrates art and culture but also promotes peace, dialogue, and social coexistence through artistic expression. The fair was organized by Doral International Art Fair, Inc., with a dedicated executive and curatorial committee focused on selecting a quality artistic offering that ranges from historical avant-garde to contemporary art.


The DIAF set out to discover and promote new artistic expressions, raise public awareness of the value of art, weave multiculturalism, use art as a bond of peace and progress, provide collectors and galleries with quality and diverse offerings, and leverage the benefits of art to promote mental health.


This first edition of the Fair featured 18 galleries, 2 private collections, 4 special projects, a sound art exhibition, and 10 educational activities, including conferences, podcasts, and practical activities. Over 1500 attendees enjoyed this cultural experience during the three days of the fair.

Press Note: Millennia Atlantic University Celebrates the Success of the Doral International Art Fair 2023

Millennia Atlantic University is proud to have participated as a sponsor of the first edition of the Doral International Art Fair (DIAF) 2023, an event that has left an indelible mark on the cultural scene of the city of Doral. The fair, which took place at the Doral Cultural Arts Center, has become a benchmark for culture and contemporary art, attracting more than 1500 attendees and offering an unprecedented platform for artists, gallery owners, and art lovers.


DIAF 2023 stood out for its focus on multiculturalism and art as a culture of peace and progress. With the participation of 18 galleries, 2 private collections, and 4 special projects, the fair offered a diversity of works and experiences that enriched the cultural fabric of the city. The sound art exhibition and the 10 educational activities, which included conferences, podcasts, and practical activities, provided attendees with a unique opportunity to interact with art in a deep and meaningful way.


Dr. Jesús Alberto Fuenmayor, Executive Director of the DIAF, expressed his gratitude to the sponsors and allies, whose trust and support were fundamental to the success of the event. In his letter of thanks, he highlighted how the fair served as a projection platform for the participating galleries and artists and how it managed to position itself on social networks as a space for meeting and dialogue.


Millennia Atlantic University, as an institution committed to cultural and educational development, recognizes the importance of events like the DIAF in fostering an appreciation for art and culture in the community. The university is honored to have contributed to an event that not only celebrated contemporary art but also promoted coexistence and dialogue through innovative artistic expressions.


DIAF 2023 has laid the groundwork for the city of Doral to become a key cultural destination, and Millennia Atlantic University looks forward to continuing to support this and other events that enrich the cultural life of the community. The university is committed to remaining a pillar in the promotion of education and culture, and to contributing to the progress and well-being of society.


DIAF has proven to be a transformative event, not only for the participating artists and galleries but also for the attendees, who had the opportunity to immerse themselves in a world of creativity and artistic expression. Millennia Atlantic University is proud to have been part of this event and looks forward to future editions of the Doral International Art Fair.