Millennia Atlantic University hosts Uniciencia Bucaramanga

Four Day Seminar on Disruptive and Innovative Leadership

On Monday March 22, 2020 Millennia Atlantic University (MAU)  and Scudo Consulting hosted students from Colombian University named Uniciencia Bucaramanga for their four-day  pre-graduate seminar called “Liderazgo Disruptivo E Innovador.”

The pre-graduate four-day seminar was taught by Millennia Atlantic University’s Professor Luis David Ramirez, through his firm called Scudo Consulting that focuses on helping business maximize their growth potential. At MAU, Professor Ramirez primary areas of instructions consists of Business Strategies and Business Administration.

Accompanying the Uniciencia Bucaramanga students in their international academic mission was Diego Tamayao their Campus Chancellor as well as Uniciencia’s Marketing Coordinator Andreina Serrano. Chancellor Tamayo said the seminar would allow students to acquire international business knowledge so they can fulfill their professional dreams back at home.

“This is an exceptional opportunity for MAU to continue its efforts in supporting international education and academic development. This opportunity fits our mission and has potential for real impact,” MAU Campus President Aristides Maza Duerto said at the certificate of participation event at the final day of the “Liderazgo Disruptivo E Innovador” seminar.

Campus President Aristides Maza Duerto expressed hope that the two campuses can continue to work together for future seminars in the upcoming summer months.