The Impact of Migration on the Roles of Men and Women

By Cesar Jaimes

“The Impact of Migration on the Roles of Men and Women”

Invite: Millennia Atlantic University Alumni Association

Date and time

Thursday, March 16, 2023, 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM EST


Millennia Atlantic University (MAU)
3801 Northwest 97th Avenue Doral, FL 33178

About this event

Immigration can have different impacts on the role of men and women, depending on the specific circumstances and the cultural and social dynamics involved. Some possible ways that immigration can affect gender roles:

We will talk about :

  1. Changes in the distribution of work: When people immigrate to another country, they may have to adapt to different job opportunities and change their traditional roles in the family. For example, in some cases, immigrant women may have greater employment opportunities than women in their home countries, giving them greater economic power and a greater role in decision-making in the household. On the other hand, in some cases, immigrant men may have to take on jobs traditionally considered “feminine” in their country of origin, which can affect their self-image and social status.
  1. Changes in Family Dynamics: Immigration can put a strain on family dynamics, especially if one spouse has more job opportunities than the other. This can lead to a change in the distribution of power within the family, as the spouse who earns more money may have more influence on family decisions. Also, in some cases, immigrant women may have to take on more domestic and childcare responsibilities due to a lack of support from extended family.
  1. And finally Changes in cultural norms: Cultural and gender norms may be different in the country of origin and the country of destination. Immigration can expose people to different ways of thinking about gender and gender roles, which can influence their own perception of gender roles and the way they negotiate them. For example, immigrant women may be exposed to feminist ideas that were not available in their home countries and may begin to question traditional gender norms.

About the Speaker

Cesar Jaimes, entrepreneur, author, and Immigration coach, has extensive experience developing immigrants in the United States professionally and emotionally, providing advice and guidance to hundreds of Immigrants to improve their quality of life. His motto is: Emigrating is not starting from scratch, it is just continuing your life project in another country ”

 Cesar Jaimes is the winner of the Latin Business Award for founding the Intelligent Immigration Digital platform, in addition to being recognized in 2016 by Wells Fargo among the 25 most successful small businesses in the United States. In addition, Cesar Jaimes is an entrepreneur and business professor at Miami Dade College.