Forms in order to participate in Athletics

(Without these forms and proof of medical insurance, no student athlete is allowed to practice or play games)


The Athletic Department has a Certified Athletic Trainer who will provide student-athletes with basic medical needs for training and competition related to injury prevention and management. The Department is responsible for administering basic medical services to student-athletes injured in a supervised training or competition, representing the University.

The Athletic Department does not provide full medical services nor is the Department responsible for costs associated with injuries or illnesses sustained outside of supervised Department athletic events.

Student-athletes are required to carry their own quality healthcare insurance throughout the academic year.  Any athletic injuries requiring treatment outside the Department Athletic Training room or, any non-athletic injury or illness must be managed under the student-athlete’s own healthcare insurance.  Student-athletes are required to complete a physical exam at the beginning of every academic year.

  • It is your responsibility to report injuries and illnesses to the athletic trainer in a timely manner.
  • You are required to follow all prescribed treatment and rehabilitation programs assigned to you by the athletic trainer.
  • Do not remove any items from the athletic training facility unless told to do so by the athletic trainer.
  • Student-athletes are prohibited from using the athletic training room phones, computers, copying machines, or any electronic equipment in the athletic training facility.
  • Receiving pre-practice or routine daily treatment in the athletic training room is not a reason to miss or be late to classes or team activities.
  • The athletic training room should be treated as a medical facility.  Do not “hang out” if you are not receiving medical care.