Each year Millennia Atlantic University enrolls international students from all over the world, and our admissions team supports their journey every step of the way!

Millennia Atlantic University is authorized under Federal Law to enroll nonimmigrant alien students in accordance with section 101(a)(15)(F)(i); 8 CFR 214.2 (f)(10)(i); 8 CFR 214.2 (f)(6)(i)(G); 8 CFR 214.3(g) to enroll nonimmigrant alien students by issuing Forms 1-20.

International applicants to the University must meet the same requirements and admissions standards as other students entering our undergraduate or graduate programs. In order to enroll, in addition to the completed and signed application, international applicants who have earned a degree from an educational institution outside the United States of America must submit original or certified sealed copies of their certificate of graduation, transcript, or other documentation which attests to the student’s successful completion of the secondary or postsecondary educational program equivalent to that awarded in the United States.

The credential evaluation must be prepared by a service which is a member of the Association of International Credentials Evaluators (AICE), the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO) or a member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) and submitted directly to the University from the Service Provider. All documents must be accompanied by a certified translation into English if the documents were originally created in a language other than English.

In order to process the I-20 (form), applicants are required to :

  • Complete the admissions process
  • Be in possession of the Letter of Acceptance from Millennia Atlantic University.
  • Forward the following documents necessary for issuing of the I-20 :
  • Photocopy of the student’s Passport, and dependents if applicable (include the picture and information page).
  • Bank letter from the applicant’s financial institution as financial evidence of support or sponsorship (a sample letter is provided by the University).
  • For more information please refer to MAU Catalog .

Any relevant original documents that were created in a language other than English must be must be accompanied by a certified translation into English.

Upon receipt of your I-20 Form sent to you by the PDSO office at MAU, you must visit your local consulate to follow the application process for your I-20 petition for a Student Visa. Local consulate information can be found here usembassy.gov

MAU offers international students scholarships. To learn more, please read our Scholarships Guide