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The Associate of Science in Accounting degree program is built upon core accounting and bookkeeping courses that provide the essential competencies needed for graduates to be successful in entry level accounting jobs. Accounting practices have become increasingly complex, with changes in standards and improved technology. The changes have contributed to a growing need for individuals with entry-level skills in the accounting profession. The courses within this program specific to accounting include in depth general accounting courses, and also those covering principles of finance and income tax preparation. In addition to core accounting courses a specific course on QuickBooks ® accounting software used by both small and large businesses is included to increase the student’s proficiency in basic accounting technology. Furthermore, the students in this program also complete general education courses that serve to increase the student’s knowledge and broad based skills in the areas of mathematics, economics, verbal and written communication, psychology, and critical thinking.

The Associate of Science in Accounting degree program consists of 20 courses with a total of 60 semester credit hours for completion. The program includes a general 34 education component, accounting business core component and an accounting major component, with a culminating capstone course to be completed during the student’s final semester.

The graduate may seek entry-level employment opportunities in administrative offices of various types of businesses, financial institutions, medical offices, accounting firms, tax preparation firms, government agencies or non-profit organizations. Graduates with an associate degree in accounting may expect to work as bookkeepers, tax preparers, payroll clerks, accountant or auditor assistants, and accounts receivable or accounts payable clerks.

Some of the courses in the Associate of Science degree may be transferred into MAU’s Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting.

Total Hours Required for Graduation - 60 hours

  • ACC 210 - Accounting I 3
  • ACC 220 - Accounting II 3
  • ACC 230 - Intermediate Accounting I 3
  • ACC 235 - Intermediate Accounting II 3
  • ACC 243 - Income Tax 3
  • ACC 245 - Computer Accounting with QuickBooks® 3
  • ACC 249 - Accounting Capstone 3
  • BUL 201 - Business Law I 3
  • BUS 102 - Principles of Management 3
  • CIS 102 - Computer Concepts 3
  • ECN 131 - Macroeconomics 3
  • ECN 132 - Microeconomics 3
  • ENG 101 - English Composition I 3
  • ENG 102 - English Composition II 3
  • FIN 200 - Fundamentals of Finance 3
  • HIS 201 - Art History 3
  • MAT 101 - College Mathematics I 3
  • MAT 102 - College Mathematics II 3
  • PSY 131 - General Psychology 3
  • Total Credit Hours 60

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