Millennia Atlantic University Dualis Training Experiences (DTE) present the best new thing in town.

How does our DTE work?

We call them experiences because they are full of interactive activities, team dynamics, games, role plays, and challenging learning. People will learn tough subjects in a way that they never experienced before.

With Dualis Training Experiences people can benefit from:

  • Role plays among participants
  • State of the art technology
  • The most updated information regarding every topic
  • Challenging learning
  • Interactive activities you are an active part of the Learning process
  • Examples are taken from your own organizational experience
  • Reinforced learning with challenging and fun activities, as well as workbooks
  • Focused training on day to day organization challenges.
  • Experience and expertise of our Instructors

The training that we have offered includes:

Transcending Organizations: Key learning tips from the most successful organizations in the world. The key for the new leadership 3.0 Heart, Mind and Spirit. How to obtain the best results from your people. The art of manifesting profits. How to balance rational subjects such as ROI, sales goals, and a winner business model with emotional subjects such as true inspiration and visualization of goals? This training includes challenges of your own organization to be solved during training. Next class schedule: September 4th, 2013

Show me the money: Cost-reduction strategies. How to achieve double-digit growth?. How to measure your projects ROI? What activities generate the most value to your customers and shareholders? How to maximize resources-allocation? Creating and serving profitable customers. This Training includes exercises with your own data. Next class schedule: September 25th, 2013

Developing the Developers: Planning and targeting. Selling more through the art of persuasion. Social Media for Business Developers and sales reps.. Upgrading your sales pitch. How to maximize contacts and frequency? The art of closing great deals? How to deal with tough negotiators. This training includes role plays and the option of one-on-one coaching during visits to yours clients. Next class schedule: October 23th, 2013

Don’t ever take sides against the family: How to run a successful family business? The process of transitioning the family business. What is the succession planning? Key capabilities needed to run a family business nowadays. How to deal with the emotional transition? How to keep the entrepreneurial mindset while becoming a larger organization? How to deal with family outsiders running the company? Next class schedule: November 13th, 2013

Location: Millennia Atlantic University (Campus)
Total Course Cost: $130 each course / $97 for all Chamber members each course
Language: Spanish

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