The Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree program is built upon core accounting courses as found in the Associate of Science in Accounting degree program to upper level courses in cost and managerial accounting, financial accounting, taxation, accounting information systems, and auditing. Courses are also provided to increase the student’s proficiency in technology with an emphasis on accounting software used by both small and large businesses. In addition to the courses specific to accounting, and income tax preparation, the students also 38 receive knowledge in business organizations, management, ethics, and social responsibility. Furthermore, the students in this program also complete general education courses that increase competency in areas of verbal and written communication, psychology, economics, and critical thinking.
The Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree program consists of 40 courses with a total of 120 semester credit hours required for completion. The courses include lower and upper level business courses and upper and lower level courses specific to the accounting occupational field and credentialing requirements. The general education core consists of 12 courses in areas of composition, math, psychology, economics, social science, and critical thinking.
Accounting continues to be a field with a high demand for graduates. Graduates of accounting programs are prepared for a large variety of opportunities. Individuals with accounting degrees, skills, and experience are prepared for managerial positions. The graduate may seek employment opportunities in administrative offices, small or large business organizations, financial institutions, accounting firms, tax preparation firms, and governmental entities. The types of positions for successful graduates of this program include mid-level jobs as billing and accounting managers, auditors, budget analysts, credit analysts, cost estimators, cost accountants, financial examiners, tax examiners, tax collectors and revenue agents, loan officers, and assistant controllers.

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Career Placement Statistics and Graduation Rates

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Careers in this field:

Course NumberTotal General Education - 36 CreditsCredit Hours
CRT 101 Critical Thinking 3
HIS 201 Art History 3
ENG 101 English Composition I 3
ENG 102 English Composition II 3
HIS 203 American History 3
MAT 101 College Mathematics I 3
MAT 102 College Mathematics II 3
POL 210 Political Science 3
PSY 131 General Psychology 3
PSY 210 Behavioral Psychology 3
SOC 101 Sociology 3
ENG 220 English Literature 3
 Business Core Lower Level – 33 Credits 
ACC 210 Accounting I 3
ACC 220 Accounting II 3
BUL 201 Business Law I 3
BUL 202 Business Law II 3
BUS 101 Introduction to Business 3
BUS 102 Principles of Management 3
BUS 202 Project Management 3
CIS 102 Computer Concepts 3
MAT 310 Elementary Statistics 3
MGT 203 Human Relations in Business 3
ECN 131 Macroeconomics 3
 Business Core Upper Level – 21 Credits 
ACC 330 Advanced Accounting I 3
ACC 335 Advanced Accounting II 3
ECN 303 Money and Banking 3
FIN 420 Public Finance 3
MGT 305 International Business 3
MGT 350 Business Systems Analysis 3
BUL 401 Business Law for Accountants 3
 Accounting Major Level - 30 Credits 
ACC 300 Accounting Information Systems 3
ACC 301 Financial Accounting 3
ACC 310 Managerial Accounting 3
ACC 320 Federal Tax Accounting I 3
ACC 360 Cost Accounting 3
ACC 411 Auditing I 3
ACC 412 Auditing II 3
ACC 420 Federal Tax Accounting II 3
ACC 430 International Accounting 3
ACC 450 Accounting Capstone 3

Total Credit Hours: 120



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