The Bachelor of Science Degree Program with a major in Human Resource Management is 120 semester hours in duration. The program is made up of three components. The first consists of 36 semester credit hours of general education. All of the courses are required. The coursework in general education is designed with a broad base of subjects and consists of coursework in the social sciences, mathematics, history, English and psychology.

The second component is made up of 54 semester credit hours provides a business core to all students enrolled in a bachelor’s degree related to business. This second component provides a strong emphasis in management, business law, marketing, and accounting, among other business related areas of study. There are no electives available in this section of the program.

The third component is related to the more narrowly defined area of Human Resource Management with a strong emphasis in personnel development. This component consists of 30 semester credit hours and includes, among other areas of focus, coursework in labor relations, supervision, motivation, recruiting, negotiation, and training. All courses are required.

The professional profile in human resources that companies, organizations and institutions demand includes group managing skills, understanding of social and individual psychology and the interpretation of organizational behavior. Other key skills include training and development of employees, recruiting and staffing, compensation and benefits, and employment law. This program assists in preparing students with these skills, and also helps them develop creative leadership abilities in human resource management in order to add value to the overall success of a business enterprise. Successful graduates are prepared for positions such as human resource administrators, managers-in-training, compensation and benefits managers, training and development specialists, recruiters, employment relations managers, and staffing specialists.

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NOTE: If a bachelor degree program entrance requirement is to transfer having earned an associate degree, enter the transfer of credit here.

Course NumberTotal General Education - 36 CreditsCredit Hours
ECN 131** Macroeconomics 3
ECN 132 Microeconomics 3
ENG 101 English Composition I 3
ENG 102 English Composition II 3
HIS 201 Art History 3
HIS 203 American History 3
MAT 101** College Mathematics I 3
MAT 102** College Mathematics II 3
POL 210 Political Science 3
PSY 131 General Psychology 3
PSY 210 Behavioral Psychology 3
SOC 101 Sociology 3
 Total Business Core - 54 Credits 
BUS 101 Introduction to Business 3
BUS 102 Principles of Management 3
ECN 303 Money and Banking 3
CIS 102 Computer Concepts 3
MGT 103** Ethics and Social Responsibility 3
BUL 201 Business Law I 3
BUL 202 Business Law II 3
MGT 305 International Business 3
MKG 304 Consumer Behavior 3
MKG 101 Principles of Marketing 3
MKG 106 Advertising 3
ACC 210 Accounting I 3
ACC 220 Accounting II 3
ACC 360 Cost Accounting 3
MAT 310 Elementary Statistics 3
MGT 230 Small Business Management 3
MGT 350 Business Systems Analysis 3
MGT 203 Human Relations In Business 3
 Total Major Component - 30 Credits 


HR 110 Introduction to Human Resources Management 3
HR 210 Supervision and Human Relations 3
HR 220 Recruitment and Training 3
HR 330 Motivation and Productivity 3
HR 340 Health and Safety in the Workplace 3
BUL 410 Risk and Insurance 3
HR 410 Employee and Labor Relations 3
HR 420 Organizational Training and Development 3
HR 440 Human Resources Information Systems 3
HR 460 Negotiation and Conflict Resolution 3

TOTAL: 120 hours

As currently approved and offered within the existing Bachelor Degree programs, the courses listed above with the “**” symbol are those courses offered in Spanish, as well as English.



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