The  Health Information Management (HIM) program focuses on the management of healthcare data and information resources. Health Information Management provides an important link between the patient, payers such as insurance companies, and the healthcare providers. Graduates will be able to use technology to collect, store, analyze, and retrieve healthcare data. HIM professionals provide information to other members of the healthcare team for purposes of planning, analyzing, financing, and evaluating healthcare services. The program is an excellent career choice for those who wish to work in the healthcare industry, but prefer the technology aspect rather than working directly with patients. Job opportunities for the HIM professional exist in multiple settings throughout the healthcare industry: hospitals, clinics, research facilities, and physician practices. Successful graduates may gain entry-level employment in areas such as health information specialist or technician, patient information coordinator, coding supervisor, clinical data analyst or specialist, research support analyst, or clinical data analyst.

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Career Placement Statistics and Graduation Rates

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Careers in this field:

Course NumberTotal General Education - 36 CreditsCredit Hours
ENG 101 English Composition I 3
ENG 102 English Composition II 3
PSY 131 General Psychology 3
MAT 101 College Mathematics I 3
MAT 102 College Mathematics II 3
CRT 101 Critical Thinking 3
PSY 210 Behavioral Psychology 3
HIS 203 American History 3
ECN 131 Macroeconomics 3
SOC 101 Sociology 3
POL 210 Political Science 3
HIS 201 Art History 3
 Total Business/Health Information Management Core - 24 Credits 
CIS 102 Computer Concepts 3
CIS 220 Global Information Technology Management 3
HM 101 Principles of Healthcare Management 3
HM 102 Medical/Pharmaceutical Terminology 3
HM 201 Anatomy and Physiology 3
HM 210 Healthcare Law and Risk Management 3
HM 240 Healthcare Accounting and Finance 3
MAT 310 Elementary Statistics 3
 Total HIM Specialty Lower Level Courses -
24 Credits
HM 108 Anatomy & Physiology for Medical Billing and Coding 3
HM110 Pharmacology for Health Occupations 3
HM 112 Healthcare Information Systems 3
HM 114 Healthcare Record and Data Management 3
HM 202 Pathophysiology 3
HIT 101 Office Billing and Coding 3
HIT 102 Hospital Billing and Coding 3
HIT 103 Surgical Billing and Coding 3
 Total HIM Specialty Upper Level Courses -
36 Credits
BUL 410 Risk and Insurance 3
HM 301 Healthcare Human Resources Management 3
HM 303 Electronic Health Records 3
HM 305 Healthcare Statistics and Research 3
HM 309 Healthcare Informatics 3
HM 311 Healthcare Compliance 3
HM 401 Healthcare Database Management 3
HM 403 Healthcare Information Quality Control 3
HM 405 Healthcare Data Analysis 3
HM 407 Advanced Healthcare Accounting and Finance 3
HM 409 Health Information Management Capstone 3
HM 410 Health Information Seminar 3

TOTAL: 120



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