Each year in the month of February, countless events are planned nationwide to honor the contribution and the history of the struggle of the African-Americans within the country. This month, we want to mention some of the most relevant episodes of the defense and fight for the rights of the black community in the American society.

Today, there are many related stories that have inspired the new values and appreciation of human life and equality in society, brotherhood between races and the revolution of the country. We must also remember other important figures related to the defense of the civil rights of the black community as was Dr. Martin Luther King, who on August 28 of 1963 offered the black community and the rest of the world one of the most memorable and inspiring speeches of struggle and perseverance in the history of the human being as was "I have a dream". He was always a messenger of peace and, for that reason, he won the Nobel Prize in 1964.

Among many characters that caused a stir in the historical context of the American community there are very valuable characters to remember, like one of the closest friends of Martin Luther King, the famous musician Ray Charles, who suffered the consequences of racism and denigration because of his blindness. On innumerable occasions, he refused to appear in places that did not allow equal entry to people of color, which caused his performances in Georgia to be banned. This same fight, characterized by different areas of American history  such as sport, where it is impossible to not mention the great boxer Muhammad Ali, but American history has not been written only by men, since the defense of the equality in this nation's history has known great women who defended civil rights, women like Angela Davis and Rosa Park marked, which a milestone. We cannot forget Sarah Breedlove, a successful businesswoman. who was the first female millionaire to manage to create her millionaire empire based on her own experiences related to the personal hair care, and who was recognized from that moment as the creator of the "Walker Method" for personal hair care, women like these gave a boost to the defense of the ideals of equality and justice throughout American history, these struggles are not limited only to the field of business, because we cannot fail to mention the achievements in the modeling field of Donyale Luna. the first woman to appear on the cover of Vogue magazine in the British issue published in March of 1966.

Nowadays. we can also find cases worthy of mention, such as Hollywood actress Halle Berry, who won the recognition of an Oscar by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences ( AMPAS),  being the first black woman to win that prize in 2002, and Oprah Winfrey, the host and owner of the media, who has led several campaigns in favor of equal rights for women of color in the work field, and we cannot forget one of the most important achievements of the last century, obtained by  the former president Barack Obama with his wife Michelle, who won te elections on November 5th of 2008,  one of the greatest accomplishments of American black history when they became President and First lady of the United States of America.

We can consider the battle for the rights and freedom of people during history as one of the most critical and inspiring causes of human nature, a conflict that has no borders or languages, and despite the years that have passed, it is still being fought in many corners of society and the world.


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