Summary of Tuition and Fees


Cost for students for after fall 2018 semester

# of Credit hoursUndergraduateGraduate
2 Credit Hours - $1.064
3 Credit Hours $1.362 $1.596
4 Credit Hours - $2.128
5 Credit Hours - $2.660
6 Credit Hours $2.724 $3.192
7 Credit Hours - $3.724
8 Credit Hours $4.256
9 Credit Hours $4.086 $4.788
10 Credit Hours $5.320
11 Credit Hours $5.852
12 Credit Hours $5.448 $6.384
13 Credit Hours $6.916
14 Credit Hours $7.448
15 Credit Hours $6.810 $7.980
16 Credit Hours $8.512
17 Credit Hours $9.044
18 Credit Hours $8.172 $9.576
21 Credit Hours $9.534 $11.172

Mandatory fees

Students are charged for the following fees every semester

Registration Fee $50 Technology Fee $80

Other fees

Students are charged for the following fees if applicable

Re- entry Fee $55
ID Card Fee $15
ID Card Replacement $35
Lab Fee $100
Graduation Fee $200

The full cost of each academic program, including all fees, books, and supplies can be found in:

** Effective fall 2018, which begins on August 28, 2018

Cost of Attendance

An institution's cost of atendance (COA) is the total direct and indirect costs of a year of college. The cost of attendance may also be called the students budget or the sticker price. Direct costs are cost that are paid directly to the college, sush as tuition fees.


In accordance with U.S. Department of Education’s guidance on gainful employment disclosures, the median loan debt per program for the educational programs offered during the latest award year (2009-2010) is not included here for privacy reasons, since the number of students per program who completed during this prescribed time period was less than ten (10).

Semester Fees

Each semester, students are responsible for registration fee, and a technology fee in addition to their tuition costs (check for estimate cost). Students are also responsible for the purchase of all books, supplies and charges incurred throughout the semester.

Calculating Loan Payments



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